Five days. Is that a record?

Surely not. Surely other teen-aged daughters have wrecked their cars in less time.

The stated circumstances:

Speed limit.

Descending mountain.

Hairpin turn.



And someone thinks we should add that someone told the children that if you hit a deer you will total the car. So teen-aged daughter hit the ditch.

Yeah, she’s okay. No harm done. The car wasn’t drive-able home. And did I mention that I leave next week for a cross-country move and that vehicle was needed?

I’m crying and using Navy Words™ on the inside.

Shebang, a word meaning “any matter of present concern; thing; business” or is the “#!” characters in the first two columns of the first line of a UNIX script file. Guess which way I’m using it.


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One response to “Shebang

  1. Doc

    My daughter hit the deer, about a week after getting her DL, and it did total the car. Van actually. The ditch may have yielded the same result. Good luck with your move.

    Thank you, Doc. We had an amazing patch of good fortune: my husband was able to replace the whole front bumper, radiator, muffler, and straighten out the slightly off frame in two days. $174 and she’s back in business. Bullet dodged. ;-)

    Tomorrow the road trip begins. Must turn up volume and insert earphones.

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