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New Office

It’s slow going settling into a new house if you’re determined to take your time. There have been some awkward decisions to make, like where do you put the office when there is no office? Or where do you put 2,000 or so books when there is no space for a library?

Office space solved and I’m actually really happy with it. I was bummed at first because this space is much more a keeping room, if you ask me. The space is right off, and I mean right off the breakfast/kitchen area with an entrance to the garage on the left.

With all this accessibility, I now have to keep my desk somewhat clean.

However, I have these great built-ins beside the fireplace which are holding assorted office supplies, and let’s face it, junk, and did you catch that? My office has a real fireplace. Love it. Now I know we’re getting the leather chair I want just as soon as Restoration Hardware starts making it again.



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