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What I love about teaching the hostages to read is sitting beside a little blonde kid, about eight years old, and listening to her make up sentences to go along with the syllable she’s just pronounced:

“Lag. That’s like ‘Oh, this computer is lagging.'”

“Val. Like, ‘I give you my val (vow) and you give me your val (vow).'”

“Tock. Oh that reminds me, I tock (talk) too much.”

I love these moments.

So yeah, while this year I have School Bus Lust,™ I can always be brought back around to fond memories of these moments. It’s what gets me through another round of “Stop starin’ at me when Mom’s readin’. Mooom. I hate it when people look at me,” and “What school? I thought you said ‘When the kitchen was clean to do school. I checked, it ain’t clean,” said whilst watching TV.

Round 7 up tomorrow. (aka grades 11, 9, 7 and 3)



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