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Give Thanks

tgiving.jpgThanksgiving: When we sit around the table and talk.

Gwyneth, 8, relates a game at an Idaho neighbor’s birthday party. I ask, “Did you have trouble with this game because you can’t read?”

Oh no. The dad said, “We know you can’t read; we drew pictures.”

Sigh. “Do you have to tell everyone you can’t read?”

Caleb: “Do you have to tell everyone you’re illiterate as a doornail?”

Corinne: “That’s Caleb’s word of the day: (wait for it) doornail.”

* * * * *

Son is creating a turkey roll complete with gravy and mashed potatoes necessitating the squashing of said roll.

“Son we don’t want to see that.”

You don’t have to look.

* * * * *

ct3.jpgThe tree is up. Used to, that was a Saturday after Thanksgiving tradition but it seems in Japan we began to push that date forward as Kevin was working most holidays and days thereafter. Now, it’s put up the tree after Thanksgiving dinner. Even *I* wasn’t in the mood today, but getting out most of the decor was kind of fun: a family event.

This is our third Thanksgiving in a row in a different locale. Different continent, different states. It’s getting tiring.

Now the kids are cleaning up after a late dinner and we’re grabbing dessert and headed to the basement for “Miracle on 34th Street: the remake.” Because I like the remake.

Happy Thanksgiving and Safe Shopping tomorrow.



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What Procrastination Looks Like

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I have few days until my LSAT. I have 177 *new* emails in my inbox (most are shopping emails, but those are important too) and no time for anything. Therefore, I procrastinate in between working analytical thinking puzzle problems that are kicking my arse.

Bits of my morning, for posterity:

What kind of mom has to ask:

What is the crockpot doing out and WHERE does it go?

At Jitters Bliss Coffee Shop:

“I want something hot. And sweet. But really, I don’t know what I want.”

Counter Man: Most women don’t.

He recommended “Seventh Heaven.”

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Dinner with the Hostages

9halfweeks2“Your father and I will be gone for two nights. You will behave and clean while we’re gone.”

Corinne, 12: How do you know?

* * * * *

Gwyneth, 8: “Can I have two rolls?”

Caleb, 14: You can have 5 if you’re fast.

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What 36 Sounds Like

shellie_015.jpg Sitting at the Homecoming basketball game last night, I remarked to a family friend — one I knew would understand:

I don’t think I like being old to enough to say:

You look familiar. I bet I know your parents.

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