If tomorrow were a big exam and you just trashed four summary judgment questions, would you have a drink?

Earlier, it was Exam Week Curse. A.S. reminds me to bring an ethernet cord for exams. (Who keeps CORDS anymore?) I can get a cord. But it won’t do me any good as my beautiful Mac has a defective ethernet port which I intended to remedy over break. Whatever. A.S. lets me borrow a computer and it’s all ExamSoftwared up but it’s different than mine. I don’t like the feel. I need my Mac running bootcamp and Vista. So I ponder: Is the cord required or just recommended?

G.D.’s computer, after removing an offensive bit of software causing ExamSoft to lag, denied him access. To his whole freaking computer.

He’s back now and writes me (paraphrased): I’m 99% positive the cord is in case wireless goes out. Don’t sweat it

I’m 99% sure you’re a god.

I am now going to bed, shortly, after a smallish drink and a largish amount of cramming.

Clearly I’m now starting to overthink.

Or not.

Peace out. (If only.)


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