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Happy Valentine’s Day

This just in my bedroom, lying on the bed, tonight:

Hi Mom and Dad. Happy Valentine’s day. I miss you and ive had a very hard day wiphout you. Bat ive made lots of frieds. inclooding my teacher. I wated to tallc wiph you bat i havint got the time to tallc wiph you. I rily, rily, rily, rily, rily miss you! Love Gwyneth.

Just three weeks, Blonde One, three weeks.



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Veni Gambini

me-dark1 Trial Advocacy notes on writing our appellate brief from the files of Shellie “VENI1” Gambini, 2/10/09, in toto:

Ineffectiveness of attorney is a constitutional something. Only a few issues. Go quality. Very important. No material mistake as to fact or law. Meritorious claims or something.

1VENI: my Route 66 Illinois license plate. It’s Latin. (For the young, reference is to: My Cousin, Vinny.)

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From 06-02-2008

I just miss Gwyn. Tonight, while working on criminal law, I saw a document with her name on it. I open it.

Good times with Gwyno reading to me this morning:

“I had a glass of (mink, milk),” she reads. “What’s mink?”

After wiki and understanding that mink fur is not like sheep, in that the animals are killed for their fur rather than merely sheared, we talk about animal activists, animal welfare, etc. “Aww, [the people who want mink] don’t even KNOW them. I’m naming one Sammy. You know, in the past, we needed animal skins to keep warm. Now we don’t. We should REPAY them now. You know … TAXES.”

Choosing between th/wh we come to a flip-flop. “That’s a ‘thong,'” I tell her.

“I’ve never heard of such a shoe.”

“Well, we don’t really call them that anymore, we call them ‘flip-flops.’ Know why?”

“No.” (Why did I ask her that?)

See you soon, Blonde One.

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