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Last Meal and Testament

Kevin says this is the last meal we’ll have with all six of us, and only all six of us, present. Josh has moved in until he gets an apartment and Kate is moving out this summer as well.

“What holiday is this?” Corinne asks.

Military people and freedom.


Gwyn: “Like Dad?” Oops, no, this is the dead people and freedom one. Veterans’ Day is the like-Dad one.

Gwyn: “Well, when you die, Dad, we’re gonna celebrate it real good.”

*      *      *

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Picture of Productivity

awayThe Picture of Productivity:

Drive with windows down listening to 20 minutes of Evidence and forty minutes of playlist;
work on the Citation Exercise;
pay bills;
put on pajamas;

read two pages of the approximately bazillion required;
unsuccessfully attempt to watch a DVD – twice;
re-dress and blowout hair;
eat cajun fettucini and some chocolate cake at Za’s;

research why Mac’s optical drive is failing now and during the previous five months;
research why Firefox loads slowly;
disable all add-ons and fix that annoyance;
read RSS’s and change default search engine to Yahoo!;

decide would be a good back-up to eighteen other email addresses;
drive with windows down, listening to forty minutes of Maroon 5;
drive to Sonic for a vanilla Dr. Pepper;
decide you’re the only person who would find “Sonic Boy? He’s trying … to … kill me” amusing unless  3d party had recently watched The Fugitive and/or committed Sela Ward’s lines to memory and knew how much vanilla the boy added;

thumb poetry from books into phone at B&N;
return black wedges because they hurt the feet, not boding well for an identical white pair;
buy one black sheath dress for work and one black sundress for play;
try on five new lip glosses;

unsuccessfully attempt to convince self the lips sheer and glossified will do;
try on three navel-length necklaces for the black sheath dress – discard all;
purchase two bottles of wine, hummus and pita chips, and a creme-filled doughnut; settle into bed. That was tough.

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Seriously Neurotic

I wear the same shirt to bed before every exam. Last semester I wore this shirt (Nautica mens’ nightshirt) to my last final, Contracts. I needed a new lucky charm.

I wear the same Gap boyfriend jeans and Loft navy hoodie sweater to every final this semester.

I sit in the same blessed seat for every final in the auditorium – this semester and last.

Uh, Ryan? No. That’s, like, my seat. Can you move? Do you mind moving? Are you sure? Cool. ’cause I need you to move. Perfect. See? That‘s where you were last semester for Torts final. This works. Thanks. This is drama. Not a meltdown.

Tomorrow 8:30a is Property final. I don’t know future interests to save my life and they, follow me closely here, won’t. The freaking Rule Against Perpetuities? Hazing. 1L hazing.

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Test, Criminal – tomorrow

Implicit meaning: let’s blog.

No, really, I’m good with crim; the policy question may give me some trouble but my feeling is I have opinions; I shall elaborate. Seriously, I love this stuff. Property – confidence lower, but no unmanageable anxiety whatsoever.

We’ll talk later about exams, 1L and anxiety; I need to mean that. I have meant to write up 1L for a while now, but there is just little time and when I do have down-time, I take it away from the computer screen. I drive. I meet with friends at A-Bread (Atlanta), Chili’s or Cheddar’s. But tonight I’m here because I totally forgot to record a cool thing I did (and I’m relaxing from crim-study): made the College of Law’s cheerleading team, aka Trial Team.

There aren’t a whole lot of 1Ls who try out for the college’s competitive trial team; the competition is mostly rising 3Ls. Good reasons for this exist, or at least they did this year. The tryout for the team came precisely when earnest studying for finals should begin – 1Ls have no time for not-studying. The try-out consisted of drafting and giving a five minute opening statement, based on the fictional case of “Micah Victor,” a clear play on the Michael Vick 2007 dog-fighting/abuse case (which I’d never heard of), five minute direct examination of a live witness, and five minute cross examination of a live witness.

You will spend your entire 1L year in classrooms and not once will they mention or read to you an “opening statement.” There will be no “direct” or “cross” examinations considered. It’s all case law, all the time. You’re writing memos or appellate briefs (and definitely not reading them – honor code violation) and briefly arguing both. Unless you’ve watched Law and Order or Perry Mason, opening statements are not in your little 1L sights.

I took two days, probably, in toto and researched how to draft a statement, how to examine witnesses on direct and cross, where to stand, and how to enter exhibits into evidence. I learned that no one really knows what being “argumentative” is during an opening statement, so you can probably get away with it for around 15-20 seconds before opposing counsel’s eyebrows begin to lift. Four hours one Sunday, right before my try-out, I memorized my opening statement.

Fifteen minutes before a video camera and six 2 and 3Ls. Five minutes seemed like an eternity when I realized I hadn’t researched how to shut the defendant up on cross examination. Also when I realized my shoes didn’t fit. Curses when I buy shoes because they are too cute* but clearly not my size. I kept walking smooth out of them. I stood still on cross.

I’m utterly excited – tentatively I’m on the part of the team (there are twelve of us total attending 2-4 competitions throughout the year) that will attend the Chicago ABA Labor Law Competition in November.

red heels*Apt. 9’s Glance Red Patent Heels.

Adorable. I have them in black and red. I’m keeping the red – sentimental reasons, really, and because I rarely have need to wear red shoes. The black ones are not functional for me whatsoever. Want a pair of 7’s?

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iPhone: If Found Please Write

2009_05_07_finals_1L I’m exhausted. I finished the 3 hour Con Law exam less sure of myself than I wanted to be, but there’s nothing for it. I began some crim tonight. Totally not fun to walk into that. I’ve taken some breaks, most notably to create an “If Found” message for my iPhone. I kept thinking this does not require extravagant moves or money (although this is a lovely app for just $.99 and may be well worth your dollar).

(1) Choose your wallpaper from the web, there are many beautiful images free to download.

(2) Save it to your computer and then import into an image editor. For ease of use, I used, a free image editor.

iphonepasscode2(3) Add text to your image – your email or an emergency contact number, save to your computer and synch with your iPhone. I had to play around with the exact location of my text to prevent it from being hidden from view under “Enter Passcode” and the passcode entry area.

(4) And now my email address is visible on the wallpaper; no passcode required to contact me. The first day of school this semester, I left my purse on the shuttle bus. I came unhinged and had the company not worked with me to secure my purse immediately (The first dispatcher would not actually “work with me” and contact the driver but would “file a report.”) I would have wished I’d had some form of contact information available on my phone in case a student should have secured my purse and attempted to return it.

Now, should an honest soul find my iPhone and wish to reunite it with me, they are not locked out of all contact with me by my password; they’ll have access to my email address, in plain view on the wallpaper. (My phone is always password-protected and therefore ICE – In Case of Emergency listing in contacts – could not be viewed and used to contact me without the password; now wondering why I have an ICE entry….)


EDIT: I wrote this last night, clearly for people who already understand what I’m getting at and while zonked on nighttime meds. I’ve since clarified a few things because, hey, I have time: I watched Unsolved Mysteries yesterday in the nail salon on my way to my Con Law exam and correctly identified the accomplice who will be charged with the same substantive crimes as the principal and noted attempted felony murder and discarded – heh, attempt is a specific intent crime! – for purposes of exam-work and charged that bad boy with attempted murder, robbery and kidnapping (we have asportation!).

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