Once dubbed a Cosmic “It” Girl by a friend, I think I’m closer to Cosmic “Lucy Ricardo”: Things Work Out But Damned If It Was Anything I Did.

Normal: How normal? Middle-aged mom of four hostages ranging in age from 16–25. I used to home school the hostages but rarely cooked for them. Now I never do.

Admitted: I graduated from the University of Illinois College of Law in May 2011 and was admitted to the Texas Bar in November 2011. Photo above – first day of law school, August 2008.

Procrastinates: Usually, I am not a procrastinator. I flirt dangerously with making poor decisions solely to not procrastinate. If there’s a decision to be made, I made it yesterday. That sort of thing.

Addicted to fountain Pibb Extra: True story. I have been addicted since 1999. To the fountain part that is. In 1999 I decided that I would rather have 32ozs. of Mr. Pibb (before they screwed the formula up; hate it when good cola goes bad) for dinner than actual food. I think this was the beginning of a habit.

Neurotic: Very.

Detail-oriented; saves everything (electronic data really – actual clutter bothers me); you have no idea. Mac’s ability to “save as PDF” is the great enabler.


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