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Firm It Up

I really am being productive, really I am. Yesterday, just blazing through the house (okay, the upstairs) getting ready for the move.

But this morning, my body is talkin’ to me and I want to share so you, too, can consider whether 58 minutes of lower body torture is for you.

I’ve had, oh, I guess since 2005, this nice workout entitled Firm It Up from the Slim Series line. One of my absolute favorites; I highly recommend it. Very intense lower-body workout. I also read online that Firm it Up was featured on Fox’s The Swan reality show when Debbie was a trainer/judge.

Check out some reviews at Video Fitness and here.

As one reviewer writes:

This is the 2nd time I have laughed out loud during a workout.

This series has a certain je ne sais quoi that is difficult to describe, other than the humor factor and the impressive (and deceiving) difficulty level.

It really does make you laugh when, during the interminable pelvic tilts, Debbie says, “A little tighter,” and Troy, in the background, says:

It cain’t get no tighter!

Workout breakdown here.

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