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iPhone: If Found Please Write

2009_05_07_finals_1L I’m exhausted. I finished the 3 hour Con Law exam less sure of myself than I wanted to be, but there’s nothing for it. I began some crim tonight. Totally not fun to walk into that. I’ve taken some breaks, most notably to create an “If Found” message for my iPhone. I kept thinking this does not require extravagant moves or money (although this is a lovely app for just $.99 and may be well worth your dollar).

(1) Choose your wallpaper from the web, there are many beautiful images free to download.

(2) Save it to your computer and then import into an image editor. For ease of use, I used, a free image editor.

iphonepasscode2(3) Add text to your image – your email or an emergency contact number, save to your computer and synch with your iPhone. I had to play around with the exact location of my text to prevent it from being hidden from view under “Enter Passcode” and the passcode entry area.

(4) And now my email address is visible on the wallpaper; no passcode required to contact me. The first day of school this semester, I left my purse on the shuttle bus. I came unhinged and had the company not worked with me to secure my purse immediately (The first dispatcher would not actually “work with me” and contact the driver but would “file a report.”) I would have wished I’d had some form of contact information available on my phone in case a student should have secured my purse and attempted to return it.

Now, should an honest soul find my iPhone and wish to reunite it with me, they are not locked out of all contact with me by my password; they’ll have access to my email address, in plain view on the wallpaper. (My phone is always password-protected and therefore ICE – In Case of Emergency listing in contacts – could not be viewed and used to contact me without the password; now wondering why I have an ICE entry….)


EDIT: I wrote this last night, clearly for people who already understand what I’m getting at and while zonked on nighttime meds. I’ve since clarified a few things because, hey, I have time: I watched Unsolved Mysteries yesterday in the nail salon on my way to my Con Law exam and correctly identified the accomplice who will be charged with the same substantive crimes as the principal and noted attempted felony murder and discarded – heh, attempt is a specific intent crime! – for purposes of exam-work and charged that bad boy with attempted murder, robbery and kidnapping (we have asportation!).


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